Who we are

LaCosa is a production company specialised in creating and producing advertisements and commercials for top clients.

Our production work i equally divided in national and international. LaCosa has offered solutions to clients around the globe for more than 40 years, always providing them with high quality, professional service.

Looking for
new challenges

The only way to evolve after 40 years is by knowing how to adapt, and this is what we’ve done through the years.

We focus on having a close relationship with client, working as a team, encouraging open conversations and regular communication.

Our experience tells us that everything works better when it is based on a trustful relationship: we get a better understanding of what the client wants to portray, and we can therefore put all our efforts into creating something that we’re all proud of.

Not some
any director!

We work with very interestingDirectors who have  completely different styles and can match any kind of board. As well as these, we can work with practically any director a client or agency asks for.

Due to our experience, we’ve worked with many top directors which prefer not being online but with who we usually work and trust for different jobs. Apart from the directors we already know, we have a vast range of director agencies who we work very closely with and who are willing to collaborate with new clients

Jorge Stasny

Ibon Landa